Tips to Protect Your Valuables

Feb 2nd, 2018

You may think that your renters or homeowners insurance policy provides adequate coverage for all of your valuables, but some policies may provide limited or no coverage. Read these quick tips to help you decide whether you need extra coverage for your valuable items. 

Create a Home Inventory
The best way to know if you need additional coverage is to know exactly what you own. It may be beneficial to create an inventory and take photos of your valuable possessions. Not only would this include items such as jewelry or electronics, but it should include things like coin collections, antiques, or other stored valuables that you may have forgotten about.

Have Your Valuables Appraised
An appraisal may help you determine if your possessions are worth more than you think. Be sure to assess the value of items such as antiques or jewelry so an agent can help you determine if your current renters or homeowners policy provides adequate coverage.

Evaluate Your Electronic Equipment
Be sure to keep an inventory and any receipts for your expensive electronics such as televisions, cameras, sound systems, etc. In the event of a loss, it will be easier and less time consuming to submit a claim if you have documentation for your items.

Let SEFCU Insurance Agency review your current policies
Certain items may not be covered under your current policies. SEFCU Insurance Agency can help you review your policy, discuss any exclusions or limits, and determine whether you have the right insurance that fits your needs.

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