4 reasons to consider long-term care insurance

May 17th, 2017

Planning for long-term care can be easy to put off for many reasons – maybe you think you are too young, won’t need it, or can’t afford it. If you want to protect your assets, maintain control of your family's financial security, and prepare for future long-term care costs, then long-term care insurance may be a valuable solution. Here are four reasons why it may make sense for you:

1. Increase your quality of life
Individuals with long-term care insurance receive on average 35% more hours of care than those without, and their care is more likely to address their needs than care received by the uninsured. 

2. Provide peace of mind to you and your caregiver(s)
43% of caregivers say a long-term care event negatively affected their health and well-being, and 88% of caregivers say their household income was reduced by an average of 34%.

3. Cover rising long-term care costs
In 2016 the median annual cost for a home health aid was $46,332 and the median annual cost of an assisted living facility was $43,539. 

4. Protect your assets
Compared to those without long-term care insurance, insureds reduce their out-of-pocket long-term care costs by between $3,000 and $5,000 a month (depending on the service setting).


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