7 Overlooked Reasons to Consider Life Insurance

May 1st, 2018

The benefits of life insurance, including those you can enjoy during your lifetime, are sometimes overlooked. Have you considered the following uses for life insurance?

1. Marriage
A new marriage is always a logical time to purchase life insurance since there is now a sharing of both a household and finances. Perhaps new debts are acquired and coverage to leave a survivor financially secure should be considered.

2. Protection for a mortgage
f the primary income-earner of your family were to pass away, a life insurance policy could provide the funds to pay off a mortgage or the investment income to pay the monthly mortgage.

3. Chronic illness benefit
Today’s life insurance can offer funds to help cover the expense of long-term care or chronic illness.

4. Protection for children
Many first-time life insurance purchases are the result of becoming a new parent or from having more children. Having enough life insurance to pay for groceries, school expenses, and a college fund is a goal for most parents.

5. Job change
Many individuals who change jobs are faced with new benefit packages, uncertain financial security or they may simply have a greater need for asset protection and coverage. Increases in salary or loss of group insurance are reasons to review the amount of life insurance you own.

6. Family members dependent on wage earner
Your income is what will fuel the financial future for your family. Life insurance can deliver the paychecks that you would have.

7. Supplemental retirement income
The cash value of life insurance may be useful as an emergency fund or as a potential source of income during your lifetime. While also protecting your family, life insurance can serve as paychecks for you in retirement if something were to happen to you.

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